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Use correct grammar and style (middle school)

A collection of WriteAlong lessons created by Katherine Learnard.


  • Maintain an active voice in a piece of writing

    Writers use active voice to make their writing strong, clear, and direct. Let’s practice making sure that every sentence in our writing is in active voice.

  • Recognize and correct run-on sentences

    Writers use complete sentences to make their writing clear and professional. Let’s practice finding and correcting the type of run-on sentence known as the “comma splice.”

  • Maintain consistent verb tense

    Writers make conscious decisions about which verb tense to use, then use it consistently. Let’s practice making sure our verb tense is consistent.

  • Use the conditional mood to indicate uncertainty

    Writers use the conditional mood to express uncertainty. Let’s practice writing sentences that contain verbs in the conditional mood.

  • Use verbs in the subjunctive mood

    Writers use verbs in the subjunctive mood to express imaginary or hoped-for conditions. Let’s practice using verbs in the subjunctive mood.

  • Use prepositional phrases to convey specific meaning

    Writers use prepositional phrases to convey specific meaning. Let’s practice adding prepositional phrases to our sentences.

  • Use appositives to clarify meaning and add interest to a sentence

    Writers use appositives to clarify meaning and add interest. Let’s practice adding appositives to our sentences.