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Close Reading literature: "The Velveteen Rabbit"

This lesson set contains resources and videos to support the close reading unit on "The Velveteen Rabbit".


  • Day 1 Comprehension Skill Video

    Understand the initial characterization of Rabbit by citing evidence about his actions and interaction with other characters

  • Day 2 Comprehension Skill Video

    Collect and review evidence about what it means to become Real, especially as described by the Skin Horse

  • Day 3 Comprehension Skill Video

    Analyze how the episode of the Boy’s illness is crucial to the plot and to his relationship with Rabbit

  • Day 4 Comprehension Skill Video

    Synthesize textual evidence on Rabbit’s changes and begin to analyze how those changes have impacted his development

  • Day 5 Comprehension Skill Video

    Explain a theme the author was trying to convey through Rabbit’s significant physical and emotional changes