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Use proper grammar and mechanics (middle school)

A collection of WriteAlong lessons created by Kathleen Bowski.


  • Using abstract nouns properly

    Writers use abstract nouns to show clear ideas in their writing. Let’s practice using abstract nouns to show ideas, feelings, and beliefs in our writing.

  • Ensure pronoun-antecedent agreement

    Writers make sure pronouns and their antecedents agree. Let’s practice making pronouns and antecedents agree in gender and number so our message is clear to the reader.

  • Write titles correctly by knowing which words to capitalize

    Writers capitalize certain words in titles. Let’s practice capitalizing titles correctly so our reader gets an idea of what they are about to read.

  • Form and use singular and plural possessives

    Writers use -‘s or -s’ in their writing to show possession. Let’s practice correctly forming and using possessives in sentences.