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Why the Dog Hates the Cat

A close reading set that explores the ideas of character through comparing and contrasting, analyzing dialogue, and inferencing and theme in response to a classic Chinese folktale.


  • Inferring Character Relationships

    In this lesson you learn to make inferences about character relationships by examining dialogue and considering what it reveals about the relationship.

  • Identifying Change in Character Relationships

    In this lesson, you will learn to analyze character interactions by identifying how and why relationships change.

  • Identifying How Characters Respond to Challenges

    In this lesson, you will learn to determine how characters respond to challenges by identifying patterns in the text.

  • Identifying Character Difference

    In this lesson you will learn to contrast a character in a story by asking “how do his or her actions differ from the other characters’?”

  • Identifying Author's Beliefs

    In this lesson you will identify the author’s beliefs by asking, “What is the author saying about relationships and how people treat each other?”