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Revise informational writing and use correct grammar

A collection of WriteAlong lessons created by Lauren Jarrell.


  • Use simple verb tenses

    Writers make their writing clear by using verbs correctly to show when things happen. Let’s practice choosing the right tense for our writing.

  • Use quotation marks to show dialogue

    Writers use quotation marks to clearly show which words are dialogue. Let’s practice using quotation marks correctly to show when a character is speaking.

  • Form and use the progressive tense

    Writers use different kinds of verbs correctly to describe when actions happen. Let’s practice using verbs to describe actions that are in progress.

  • Use modal auxiliaries (e.g. can, may, must)

    Writers make their writing clear by using modal auxiliaries correctly to show different times, moods or conditions. Let’s practice using the modal auxiliaries can, may, and must to describe situations.