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LearnZillion brings the best of online learning to the biggest challenge facing districts: how to build the capacity of hundreds of teachers and principals around the new standards?

Built on the latest research about what drives effective teacher development, LearnZillion for Districts is a nationally recognized, blended model for building your district’s capacity.

It starts with our web-based PLC curriculum

LearnZillion’s web-based PLC curriculum is designed by nationally recognized instructional coaches to ensure that your teams have the practical guidance and resources they need to collaborate around the new standards.

Each 30-minute session is web-based and interactive, designed to provide teachers and leaders with practical support for teaching highly effective lessons for the new standards.

We develop your instructional leaders

In addition to the web-based PLC curriculum, we develop your highest potential instructional leaders through TeachFest, our nationally recognized conference that takes high potential instructional leaders (teacher leaders, coaches, and principals) and develops both their content expertise and their understanding of how to lead implementation efforts in their district.

At TeachFest, we connect these leaders with a community of instructional leaders from around the country who continue to provide advice, expertise, and support throughout the school year. The result? A team of local experts ready to lead in your district and supported by colleagues across the country.

We help you build your curriculum from the very best

Finally, you get access to a customizable curriculum filled with exemplar lessons built by a national Dream Team of teachers. Our collaboration and customization tools allow you to (1) organize lessons and resources based on your pacing guide, (2) integrate all your existing online and offline resources with the curriculum, and (3) modify lessons to best meet the needs of your particular context and students. Anything you use through the platform can be tracked and analyzed.

With LearnZillion for Districts, you get the support, the content and the tools you need to build capacity throughout your district.

To learn more about LearnZillion for Districts, please contact us.

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