Our company values


We champion teachers

The best way to improve education is to support teachers: the people responsible for leading powerful learning experiences for students.

We polish the stone

We are also committed to maximizing our own and each other’s potential. We aim to constantly improve.

We embrace joy

We believe that joy comes from doing meaningful work together around a shared vision; work that is productive, deliberate and fulfills a deep-seated desire to make a positive mark on the world.

We practice openness and humility

Trust comes from transparency. We work to create an open, supportive environment where we leave our egos at the door.

We draw strength from our lives outside of LearnZillion

We recognize that the more fulfilled each of us are, the more energy and insight we bring to LearnZillion. We defend the importance of time outside of work and devote energy to our loved ones and our other interests.

Meet our team


Eric Westendorf

CEO and Co-Founder

Stephanie Barney

Professional Development Specialist

Andrea Bauzá

Human Resources Manager

Lisa Bernstein

Curriculum and Content Strategist

Alison Bock

Product Manager

Nicole Calandra

Senior Financial Analyst

Courtney Campbell

Customer Success Manager

Morgan Downing

Product Team Intern

Joseph DuLaney

Regional Account Director

Jay Elaraj

Senior Software Engineer

Shannon Elliott

Operations Intern

Shannon Galbreath

Senior Financial Accounting Analyst

Terry Gilligan

Large Account Director

Jennifer Gonzales

Senior Product Manager

Amanda Haskell

Math Curriculum Specialist

Matt Kennard


Lillian Knudsen

Proposal Project Manager

Manpreet Komal

Senior Director of Quality Assurance and Technical Support

Josh Koonce

Operations Intern

Farrah Lemoine

Regional Account Director

Ian Lotinsky


Ian Lukens

Software Engineer

Marley MacDonald

Associate Director of Curriculum

Katie Montani

Customer Success Manager

Ruba Mustafa

Customer Success Manager

Sharon Necaise

Curriculum Specialist

Emma Pellerin

Customer Success Operations Associate

Lasitha Ranatunga

Principal Software Engineer

Scott Silverman

Sales Operations Analyst

Anthony Sledge

Digital Marketing Specialist

Tanesha Stephens

Office Manager

David Vasandani

Senior Operations Engineer

Jennifer Wells

Director of Professional Development and Training

Posie Wood

Director of Curriculum & Special Projects

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