LearnZillion Science 6-8

Middle School Science

Available in Disciplinary or Integrated format, and fully curates to each state, district, and classroom's needs.

Three units now available for review and beta piloting! See if you qualify.

A brand new program

LearnZillion has developed a new middle school science program, currently being extensively piloted. The curriculum invites students to experience rigorous and engaging science learning and inquiry science investigations while collaborating with peers on engineering and design-build processes.

  • Connect
  • Contextualize
  • Curate
  • Designed for teacher choice

Promotes scholarship

Well-crafted storylines connect our science content, which was built by middle-school science educators, and contextualize the curriculum to enhance student learning. Powerful hands-on inquiry and engineering experiences engage students within lessons and whole- unit projects, with options available for distance learning.

Standards-based assessment

Formative, summative, performance, and portfolio assessments assure student accountability. Digital assessment items give teachers the data they need for strategic instruction while providing students the necessary practice for concept mastery and end-of-year tests.

Builds content knowledge

Student notebooking is woven throughout the program, emphasizing the critical role writing takes in learning science. Portfolio opportunities, claim-evidence-reasoning statements, and collaborative engineering projects all drive writing development. 

LearnZillion Science 6-8

Built for Next Generation Science Standards in either integrated or Earth/Life/Physical Science configurations.

Ask about correlation to your state standards!*

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Key characteristics of LearnZillion Science

Design structure

  • Built for the three dimensions of science education: DCIs, SEPs, and CCCs
  • Designed around Anchor Phenomena
  • Five-E Lesson Model: Engage, Explore, Explain, Evaluate, Elaborate
  • Available in Disciplinary or Integrated Format, with flexibility to curate units to match your classroom standards

Complete 3-D assessment options

  • Auto-scored formative pre-unit assessments
  • Auto-scored unit interim and unit end assessments
  • Auto-scored exit cards for every lesson
  • Performance rubrics for every unit-long engineering project or inquiry
  • Assessments supported by WestEd, a recognized authority in three dimensional science assessments

Support strategic instruction

LearnZillion Science Lesson LearnZillion Science Kit

Curatable and flexible learning

LearnZillion Science offers complete flexibility with customization of the program for a district, school, or classroom. Teachers can customize the program to fit their needs, and those refinements can be shared with all LearnZillion users in their school or district.

Engage clear student understanding and inquiry skill development

LearnZillion Science is a complete middle-school science program, built specifically to address the three dimensions of science, and provide the most engaging, complete, and flexible set of resources to students and teachers on the market today.

Tech-forward and hands-on

Experience a middle-school science program with engaging text, activities, and collaborative projects. This tech-forward program on the LearnZillion platform has a variety of types and modalities of assessments, and alternatives for distance learning, e-books, and print support are available for students and teachers. Plus, equipment kits drive hands-on inquiries.

Support reading and math proficiency

The curriculum supports expository reading skills, writing skills with an emphasis on claim- evidence-reasoning writing, and development and reinforcement of mathematical skills through data collection, analysis, and explanation.

Distance Learning

We've curated each unit to refine the most critical lessons and created Distance Learning versions of them. These provide more asynchronous student learning opportunities, reimagining the hands-on inquiry activities into "Hands-off, Minds-on" videos that maximize student engagement and learning.

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A science program that measures up

LearnZillion Science curriculum consultants include Christine Royce: Shippensberg State University Professor of Science Education, Expert on Literacy in Science and Distance Learning practices, and former NSTA President.

LearnZillion Science has received support from the Northern Illinois University STEAM Team, which has reviewed the curriculum’s Science and Engineering Practices as well as the engineering projects woven throughout the units.

Ken Roy, Safety Consultant, has checked all of the curriculum’s hands-on activities for safety and practicality, and teachers across the country have reviewed the materials and provided feedback to make LearnZillion Science exciting for students and empowering for teachers.

Enhanced Print

While totally optional, you can realize significant savings over self-printing: We provide high-quality student workbooks delivered directly to your district or school. Each consumable student workbook covers three units within a grade level.


Professional Development

The transition to using a new platform should be easy for educators. We work closely with districts to support the effective implementation of the LearnZillion Science curriculum. The year-long engagement provides teachers, leaders, and coaches on-site, virtual, and on-demand support to instill confidence and insure fidelity.

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Sample lessons available, contact us for access

Standards-aligned curriculum + LearnZillion’s platform support at point-of-use

Partnering with LearnZillion is a district-wide advantage, providing the best middle school science curricula for everyone who wants to see your schools thrive.

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*Next Generation Science Standards is a registered trademark of WestEd. Neither WestEd nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards were involved in the production of this product, and do not endorse it.