The platform that supports and empowers teachers

LearnZillion draws you back into the place you stood when you decided to be an educator, putting your focus on your students in ways that advance your skills and their learning. Teachers want to conduct engaging lessons that inspire students to learn, not spend hours creating resources from the ground up. With digitized comprehensive curricula that come with built-in, in-the-moment supports, teachers are empowered to focus on meeting the needs of all their students.

Teachers can more easily

  • Plan lessonsRather than gather or create resources from scratch
  • Orchestrate instruction Instead of decipher teacher-facing materials for students
  • Act on data Rather than simply collect it

Our platform saves teachers 45 minutes per day.

That's 3-4 hours per week!

LearnZillion strips back the drudgery of prep and replaces it with a full suite of effective tools and digital materials. The platform frees teachers to connect with individual students, engage creatively, and customize curriculum for greater impact. It’s a tool that amplifies teachers’ best instincts, better equipping them to do the same for their students.

The right amount of student data


Assignment and assessment reports for teachers and admins help identify student misconceptions.

Access data

Access student data via LTI grade passback and CSV export.


Use existing assessments from our curricula, or create your own. Digital assessment items give teachers the data they need for strategic instruction while providing students the necessary practice for end-of-year tests.

LMS & SIS integration

Teachers shouldn’t need to focus on transferring static content into an LMS, which is why our materials integrate, include single sign-on, and facilitate gradebook passback. Students and teachers can easily access our content directly from within an LMS.

Our SIS integration enables user and class syncing and single sign-on.

“Through thoughtful consideration of customer needs and a focus on powerfully simple design, LearnZillion has created a truly meaningful integration experience.”

Troy Anderson, Sr. Director, Strategic Partnerships

Instructure® Canvas®

Canvas Schoology
  • LTI including gradebook passback
  • LTI Content-Item Message
  • Common Cartridge
  • OneRoster
  • Clever Portal
  • Secure Sync, including users and classes
  • Instant Login single sign-on
  • Most popular SIS and identity provider platforms supported

*No SIS or LMS Required

LearnZillion’s functionality has you covered—from user and classroom management to assignments and grading.


Customers can now

  • Customize lesson plans and assessments
  • Designate coaches and teacher leaders as authors to customize purchased curricula
  • Add their own content
  • Author new content, with group commenting

Training and Help

The transition to using a new platform should be easy for educators. Optional professional development sessions offer teachers, leaders, and coaches on-site and virtual support to use our platform.

Our staff and support are equipped to make you successful at using LearnZillion—whether developing an implementation plan or seeking technical help. We make it easy for teachers to provide feedback on any lesson, too.

Experience the excellence of high-quality curricula on our teacher-friendly platform.


Individual Teachers

No Students


Districts and Schools

260+ Students

Sample access to curricula, including teaching aids and notes
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
LMS, Google Classroom, and SIS integration
Self-managed digital assessments
Data Dashboard and district, school, and class reporting on usage and performance
Curriculum customization
Authoring and curating tools for lessons and assessments
Print materials, including student workbooks, trade books, and unit readers
Printer-friendly lessons, for teacher reference or student handouts
Premium Help Center and email technical support
Assign lessons to students or launch Live Learn
A lesson player that provides full screen, presentation mode for all lessons

Partnering with LearnZillion is a district-wide advantage, providing the best curricula and best experience for everyone who wants to see your schools thrive.

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