Built for Next Generation Science Standards

In either Integrated or Earth/Life/Physical Science configurations, LearnZillion Science allows you to Connect, Contextualize,  & Customize science for your classroom.

LearnZillion Science 6–8 empowers students to experience rigorous and engaging science learning, inquiry science investigations, and collaborate with peers on engineering and design-build processes. This program is designed for teacher choice!

  • Well-crafted storylines connect our science content, which was built by middle-school science educators, and contextualizes the curriculum to enhance student learning.
  • Powerful hands-on inquiry and engineering experiences engage students within lessons and whole-unit projects, with options available for distance learning.
  • Formative, summative, performance, and portfolio assessments assure student accountability and digital assessment items give teachers the data they need to assure student mastery.
  • Student notebooking is woven throughout the program, emphasizing the critical role writing takes in learning science.
  • Customizable and Flexible Learning with complete flexibility with customization for a district, school, or classroom.
  • Tech-Forward and Hands-On built on the LearnZillion platform with instructional alternatives for synchronous, asynchronous, and distance learning. Also available for students and teachers are print versions of materials. Plus equipment kits to drive hands-on inquiries.

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