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Welcome to LearnZillion Odell Education High School Literacy, an innovative ELA program for grades 9–12 dedicated to fostering creativity and critical thinking.

A unique approach to high school literacy

A comprehensive high-school literacy program that empowers students with literacy skills for college, career, and civic life by fostering critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and learner agency.

About LearnZillion Odell Education High School Literacy

The LearnZillion Odell Education High School Literacy Program inspires creativity, builds knowledge, and enhances the skills students possess through student-centered and student-led analyses of robust texts and topics. Our instructional units empower students to pose questions, inquire deeply, reflect, and evolve as independent thinkers and engaged participants in a learning community.

We believe each student brings a rich personal, cultural, academic background and a unique set of knowledge and skills to the classroom, regardless of reading level.

Through LearnZillion Odell Education, students:

  • Conduct their own analyses, using evidence to support their ideas
  • Engage with their peers in collaborative tasks
  • Develop deep knowledge of significant ideas, perspectives, and literature
  • Transfer learned skills and knowledge across lessons
  • Ask and explore open-ended questions
  • Engage in research and argumentation
  • Take charge of their own development
  • Engage with multi-genre media collections in every unit

Students are introduced to content through the Unit Book Trailers

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Odell Education High School Literacy Program received "all green" scores from independent reviewer EdReports.

Text Quality


Building Knowledge



Adaptable, flexible instruction for educators

Educators choose from units based around a full-length novel, topical and thematic units, or create your own custom content using the tools and guides provided. A number of model yearlong paths are provided as suggestions, along with detailed information about each of the units, so that educators may design the curricula that best meets the needs and interest of their students.

Through LearnZillion Odell Education, educators are provided with:

  • Teacher-ready lesson plans with standards, scaffolded support, and ELL supports at point of use
  • Optional targeted lessons for students who need additional support
  • Support for facilitating student expression formally and informally through discussion, presentation, analysis and in writing
  • Formative and summative assessments in every unit, including Section Diagnostics and a Culminating Task
  • Options for in classroom, hybrid and distance learning

Yearlong Project in Community-Based Learning

The curriculum is designed around a yearlong project in community-based learning. Students establish, build, and expand their learning community—forming a group that shares a common learning journey throughout the year.

Foundation Unit

  • Begins each year
  • Explore a significant question, like: Who Changes the World? or What does it mean to be an American?
  • Students start to form Learning Communities
  • Begin to establish norms, goals, and routines
  • Provides teachers with insight into students' incoming skills

Development Units

  • The Learning Community develops knowledge, habits, and abilities
  • Multi-genre collections feature full anchor texts or topical/thematic text sets
  • Students analyze topics and texts to develop their own perspectives and understand those of others
  • Understanding is expressed through discussion, presentation, analysis, and writing

Application Unit

  • Completes each year
  • Inquiry-based research that is driven by student interest
  • Teachers guide students through the research process
  • Students work individually or as part of research teams
  • Students present their topic of interest to the broader learning community

Deep and meaningful differentiation

Student Support and Differentiation is embedded within the lessons to provide equitable access for all students, including the suite of Reading Closely and Note-Taking Tools found in the Literacy Toolbox.

We provide English learners with hundreds of targeted mini-lessons designed to foster language acquisition—with an emphasis on developing academic language proficiency—using an asset-based approach that acknowledges students’ languages, literacy, cultures, communities, and diversity.

Support is provided for different proficiency levels, so that instruction is always at a level that students can handle, with just enough “stretch” to ensure learners continue to rapidly improve their language proficiency.

Challenging students through diverse perspectives

Students explore a variety of classic and contemporary authors and texts to build knowledge about important content, preparing them to thrive in a world of ideas and expression. Students develop their own perspectives and understand the perspectives of others through analyzing topics and texts.

Inquiry and agency

Individual and collective agency is integral to the program. It is part of what cultivates a lifelong habit of learning and discovery. Students choose not only their research interests in the Foundation and Application units, but also how they will express their learning throughout the program. Students work in teams on specific subtopics and decide how to best present their research findings. Students might present their research to their classmates TED Talk-style or through an interactive webpage that organizes findings both as text and as graphic displays.

The LearnZillion difference

An innovative curriculum powered by intuitive digital delivery

Spend less time planning and more time teaching with LearnZillion’s powerful digital platform.

  • Organized, classroom-ready curriculum and content
  • Customizable lessons that support in-person, distanced, or hybrid learning
  • Robust data collection and reporting to inform instruction
  • Seamless integration with your district’s LMS
  • Hands-on platform training to help teachers and leaders with implementation
  • Hundreds of tools to support differentiated instruction

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