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A year-long engagement that offers teachers, leaders, and coaches on-site, virtual, and on-demand support.


Are you getting the most out of LearnZillion Illustrative Mathematics? Combine the classroom-ready curriculum with flexible, affordable professional learning to ensure it is implemented with fidelity. Math coaches and teachers will deepen their understanding of the curriculum and build their skills through year-long embedded instructional support, delivered in person and virtually.

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We work closely with districts to support the effective implementation of LearnZillion Illustrative Mathematics.

Our professional learning engagements:

  • Deepen your team’s understanding of the teacher-friendly curriculum
  • Improve their ability to deliver lessons and assessments
  • Support meaningful practice shifts that lead to improved student outcomes

Support standards-aligned instruction

Provide teachers with the foundational skills and confidence to implement state readiness mathematics standards.

Develop deep understanding of coherence

Ensure instructional coherence across lessons and within and across grade levels to provide students with learning experiences that are clear, meaningful, and motivating.

Demonstrate meaningful mathematics discussions

Build teachers’ skills in facilitating mathematics discussions that encourage students to think deeply and share their thinking.

Benefit from the experience of expert educators

Work with IM certified facilitators who have gone through a rigorous qualification process and attended intensive training to deliver impactful professional learning experiences.

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