LearnZillion Illustrative Mathematics Distance and Unfinished Learning

Guiding Principles

LearnZillion has embedded the IM Distance and Unfinished Learning resources within the platform at point-of-use for ease of planning and optimal implementation.

LearnZillion Illustrative Mathematics supports teachers in the shift to Distance or Hybrid Learning with guidance and tools to:

  • Prioritize time and find ways for doing grade-level mathematics
  • Use synchronous time strategically
  • Design for access and equity
  • Attend to clarity in directions and anticipate potential confusion and barriers
  • Adjust pacing expectations
  • Consider age-appropriateness

Illustrative Mathematics has been extremely thoughtful in the development of their Distance and Unfinished Learning materials.

These include giving every student access to grade-level mathematics, engaging students and attending to their social emotional learning, and giving students opportunities to synthesize and consolidate their learning.

The LearnZillion platform offers features and functionality that align with Distance Learning best practices.

Teachers can:

  • Adapt and personalize lessons
  • Use presentation view during synchronous learning time
  • Assign lessons for whole class, small group, and individual instruction during synchronous or asynchronous learning time
  • Incorporate digital practice sets during synchronous or asynchronous learning time

Students can:

  • Use a variety of methods to show and submit work during asynchronous learning time- upload audio, photos, and more

Adaptation Packs and Videos for K-8, Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2

Unit Adaptation Packs and Videos give teachers guidance about addressing learning gaps from the previous grade or course. These prescribe lessons to add, remove, or modify.

Cool-down Support Guidance for K-8, Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2 (K-5 embedded)

Cool Down supports address newly-discovered unfinished learning and identify opportunities to revisit content in future lessons, without stopping to re-teach a concept.

Section Planning Guides K-8, Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2

Section Planning Guides give teachers guidance on optimizing IM lessons in a virtual learning model. They provide tips on Distance Learning modifications needed to support each lesson or activity.

Math Unit Story Videos (Teacher-facing) for 6-8 and Algebra 1

The on-demand Math Unit Story Videos help teachers understand the big mathematical ideas in the curriculum.

Lesson Summary Videos (Student-facing) for 6-8 and Algebra 1

Lesson Summary Videos offer a video version of the summaries that appear in the curriculum, providing scaffolds to keep students on track with learning goals during independent work time.

Additional Resources

Student Spotlight

Inspire active discussion, develop a growth mindset

Student Spotlight lessons are anchored by series of short videos in which a team of students share their thinking. How did they approach the task? What was the same and different about their approaches?

Partnering with LearnZillion means students and teachers have instant access to these peer discourse examples as they build, solidify, and practice their conceptual development.

It's also a great way to harness peer power!

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"We understand the uncertainty educators and students face this fall. As an IM Certified partner, LearnZillion is incorporating these COVID-19 response resources to help schools and districts plan for Distance Learning, address Unfinished Learning, and better support teachers and students, which will go a long way to ensure students are engaged with grade-level content and are set up for success in mathematics next year and beyond."

- William McCallum, Cofounder and CEO of Illustrative Mathematics