Illustrative Mathematics

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We provide high-quality student workbooks delivered directly to your district or school. Realize significant savings over self-printing.

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Discussion and problem-solving:

Our easy-to-use slides and teaching notes empower teachers to shift math classes from workbook time to discussion-and-problem-solving time.

Support for differentiation:

We make it easy for teachers to provide differentiated instruction. Each lesson, which includes a warm-up, activities, a cool-down, and practice problems, can be assigned to small groups and individual students.

Integrated digital assessments:

We’ve integrated digitized unit assessments and practice items so that teachers can get auto-scored formative feedback on student mastery, and students can get more practice with tech-enabled questions.

Professional development

A year-long engagement that offers teachers, leaders, and coaches on-site, virtual, and on-demand support. Learn more.

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Grade 6 lesson plan example

Example 6th grade lesson plan

Grade 8 lesson plan example

Example 8th grade lesson plan

What's in the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum

What's in the curriculum

“It’s a very guided process. The teacher has a very important role in helping students understand problems, in orchestrating the discussions that students have about the problems, and most importantly, in synthesizing the learning.”
- William McCallum, Founder and President of Illustrative Mathematics

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