6-8 and Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2

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A Tech & Learning Award Winner
and an Edvocate Award Nominee

LearnZillion Illustrative Mathematics has been named a winner in the software category for the 2020 Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence program. We're also a nominee for the Best Math Application/Tool category for the 2020 Tech Edvocate Awards.


Discover why LearnZillion Illustrative Mathematics scored all green with independent reviewer, EdReports, for 6-8 and Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2.

Focus & Coherence

14/14 6th, 7th, & 8th

Rigor & Mathematical Practices

18/18 6th, 7th, & 8th


37/38 6th, 7th, & 8th

Focus & Coherence

18/18 Alg 1, Geo, Alg 2

Rigor & Mathematical Practices

16/16 Alg 1, Geo, Alg 2


36/36 Alg 1, Geo, Alg 2

Key characteristics of Illustrative Mathematics

  • Problem-based
  • Follows the Five Practices framework
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • Embedded supports
  • Extensions for students who are ready

The design structure at the heart of the curriculum

We support strategic instruction

Full lesson plan

Discussion and problem-solving

Our easy-to-use slides and teaching notes empower teachers to shift math classes from workbook time to discussion-and-problem-solving time. Guidance is built into every lesson, providing teachers with in-context professional development.

Support for differentiation

We make it easy for teachers to provide differentiated instruction. Each lesson, which includes a warm-up, activities, a cool-down, and practice problems, can be assigned to small groups and individual students.

Digital interactives powered by Geogebra and Desmos

Interactives bring tasks to life, allowing students to explore real-world and mathematical contexts.

Integrated digital assessments

We’ve integrated digitized unit assessments and practice items, giving teachers auto-scored formative feedback on student mastery. At the same time, students get more practice with tech-enabled questions.

"LearnZillion’s versatility provides opportunity and access to Illustrative Mathematics. The awesome digital applets enhance the student experience by encouraging unlimited trials and manipulation."

- Andrea Winkleblech, Instructional Math Coach, Laurel Middle School

Enhanced Print

Realize significant savings over self-printing: We provide high-quality student workbooks delivered directly to your district or school. Each consumable student workbook covers three units within a grade level.

IM Grade 6

Sample Grade 6 Unit 1 and Unit 9

IM Grade 7

Sample Grade 7 Unit 1 and Unit 9

IM Grade 8

Sample Grade 8 Unit 1 and Unit 9

Professional Development

The transition to using a new platform should be easy for educators. We work closely with districts to support the effective implementation of the LearnZillion Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 Math curriculum. The year-long engagement provides teachers, leaders, and coaches on-site, virtual, and on-demand support to instill confidence and insure fidelity.

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Our curriculum is IM Certified

As the first IM Certified curriculum, LearnZillion IM 6-8 Math follows Illustrative Mathematics' philosophy, sequence, and pedagogy.

IM Certified

"It has been a joy to have LearnZillion as an IM Certified partner. We are proud to see LearnZillion's version of our grades 6–8 curriculum pass, with flying colors, EdReports' criteria for Focus and Coherence, Rigor and Mathematical Practices, and Usability."

- William McCallum, Founder and President of Illustrative Mathematics

Experience the excellence of Illustrative Mathematics 6‑8 Math through our unique combination of print and digital.