LearnZillion presents Guidebooks, a language arts program that promotes a love of deep reading and skilled writing.

Trade books and unit readers

Realize significant savings with our trade books and unit readers for Guidebooks.

Full lesson plan

Digitized for success

Support for Close Reading

Our easy-to-use slides and teaching notes empower teachers to lead close readings of grade-level texts. Students learn to dive deep into these texts and discuss and write about their analyses.

Tools for differentiation

We make it easy for teachers to provide differentiated instruction. Each lesson builds on formative practices and can be tuned and assigned to small groups and individual students.

Integrated digital assessments

We’ve integrated digitized section assessments so that teachers get auto-scored formative feedback on student learning, and students get more practice with tech-enabled questions.

RAND Study

In a 2016 study that surveyed teachers nationwide, RAND found that teachers using Guidebooks in Louisiana demonstrated a better understanding of state standards and reported undertaking more instructional activities that aligned with those standards than their counterparts in other states. On a number of indicators, teachers scored higher than their peers in any other state.

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LDOE Guidebooks

LearnZillion Guidebooks

Tier 1 IMR classroom ready, whole class English Language Arts curriculum
Printer-friendly, digital teaching materials with embedded teacher guidance
Text complexity and vocabulary analysis of unit anchor texts
Most up-to-date version of the curriculum
Unit scope and sequence and pacing guidance
Standards alignment by section, unit, and lesson
Digital section quizzes and classroom reports
Close reading library used to lead targeted reading instruction
Downloadable family resources
One-stop-shop for student trade books and unit readers (available)
In-the-moment supports for diverse learners
Data export via CSV
Seamless LMS and SIS integration
District-managed curriculum customization
Professional development (optional)

Experience the excellence of Guidebooks through our unique combination of print and digital.