GuidebooksProfessional Development for LearnZillion Guidebooks™ 3‑12 Language Arts

In-depth workshops that lead to successful implementation.

We designed a series of intensive (and fun) professional development workshops to help you get the most out of the LearnZillion ELA curriculum. Coordinated by top-tier facilitators and coaches from our national Dream Team, our workshops help teachers draw on pedagogical approaches that are often less familiar, such as close reading.

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We work closely with districts to support the effective implementation of the LearnZillion Guidebooks curriculum.

LearnZillion’s professional development:

  • Helps your team dive into the purpose, design, and structure of Guidebooks
  • Leads to effective collaboration and planning
  • Equips teachers with instructional strategies that build comprehension of complex texts

Our Workshops

1. Standard

A focus on differentiation and Guidebooks

2. Writing

A focus on lifting the level of student writing

3. Complex Text

A focus on understanding complex texts

Each of our 4-day tracks includes an introduction to Guidebooks and professional development for student writing.


Want to mix and match individual workshop offerings? No problem! We give you the option to create a personalized PD package for your district.

Discover how thoughtful PD can maximize your implementation.

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