EL Education

EL Education K-5 Language Arts, a comprehensive, research-informed curriculum based on college and career readiness standards, has demonstrated success at schools throughout the United States.

The EL Education Effect

The curriculum improves schools’ outcomes over a variety of fronts, from doubling the number of students achieving at state levels to significant improvement for English Language Learners. Schools teaching with EL Education also see character growth among students and enhanced performance among teachers.


Explore these case studies to see what your district can accomplish with EL Education K-5 Language Arts.

Case Studies

Stand Tall

Conway Elementary reported the lowest suspension rate in the district after implementing the curriculum, which integrates character and academics.

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Level Up

Oliver Middle School students achieving at state levels 3 and 4 grew at double the rate of New York State gains, while showing progress in reading achievement across grade levels.

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Prep Works

Teachers at Ida Jew Academy appreciated the professional development component, reporting the coaching organized their teaching and better prepared them.

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Grow On

Scintilla Charter Academy students’ growth outpaced the gains made in the district and state by more than 10 percentage points.

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Centennial Public School, in Colorado, saw reading proficiency rise 17.4 percentage points in grades 4 and 5, outpacing both Denver Public Schools scores and CO state scores.

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Ace It

At Ripley Central School, students testing below proficiency fell by 29%, while the number of students testing at or above proficiency climbed 22 percentage points.

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Learn how one district rolled out LearnZillion EL Education with strategic planning and execution

Desoto Parish piloted LearnZillion EL Education in second-grade classrooms of one school, then created a plan to implement the program throughout the K–2 classes of the district’s five schools. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, the parish made the change in the middle of the pandemic! Discover how they did it and what they’ve learned about LearnZillion EL Education.

Desoto’s Success Story

“What you all have done here is taken something very complex and moved it into a platform that builds confidence in teachers knowing that they are delivering the materials the way they were supposed to be delivered.”
- Master Teacher, Michigan City

Proven Results

Mathematica Policy Research recently led a U.S. Department of Education-funded study. It found that in 72 schools in 18 districts, teachers who used the curriculum paired with EL Education professional development significantly outperformed a control group in key areas of teacher practice, in just one year.

Teacher used reading activities focused on the meaning of the text

Students did close readings of text to look for answers to specific questions

Students cited text evidence to support their responses

Teacher asked students to reread the text

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