Digital Curricular Materials

Digital curriculum that promotes productive struggle in traditional and blended classrooms

Promote productive struggle

Research shows that the brain learns best when it productively struggles to develop new connections. The most effective classrooms are those that buzz with every student working in that sweet spot of productive struggle.

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Empowering effective classrooms

In these classrooms, students develop deeper competencies and understanding, perform better on assessments, remember more of what they’ve learned for longer periods of time, and feel more enthusiastic and engaged about school and learning. Our digital curriculum has been carefully crafted to empower this.

Math and ELA curricula

LearnZillion's math and ELA curricula provide all of the materials teachers need for an entire year of instruction and support students in meeting grade-level expectations through productive struggle with engaging and authentic texts and tasks.

Instructional videos

Our short instructional videos focus on providing clear explanation and opportunities to practice key concepts and skills and can be used in a variety of instructional settings.

Online assessments

Online assessments include a variety of easily-assignable interactive, digital item types that are similar to those typically encountered on high-stakes summative assessments.

Teaching guidance

Our curricular materials include embedded teaching guidance to support instruction and save teacher prep time.

Custom manipulatives

LearnZillion Math Manipulative Kits for grades K-5 supplement our Math K-8 Units and Lesson Plans, helping students engage in doing, understanding, and modeling mathematics.

Digital curricular materials include:

Math K-8 Units and Lesson Plans

1,400 lessons for grades K-8 that make use of rich tasks, thoughtful practice exercises, and video components to address student understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application to the real world.

Math Assessments

Digital unit-end assessments for grades K-8. Each assessment makes use of a variety of item types students may see on year-end summative assessments, and can be used for both diagnostic and summative purposes.

Math Instructional Videos

Over 2,700 short videos focused on the development of key math concepts and skills for grades 2-12 and ideal for use individually, in small groups, or at home.

Math Leveled Practice

Over 3,000 printable leveled practice sheets for grades 2-12 that provide teachers with three types of differentiation: a set for students struggling to grasp the topic, a set for students who have shown understanding but need more practice, and a set for students who are ready to engage with the topic in a more advanced way.

Math Online Practice

Over 100 online practice sets address the skills and fluencies covered in the math standards for grades 2-8. Focused on students’ math skills individually or in small groups, each set includes practice items alongside instructional videos students can use as they work through the items.

Math Online PD Modules

Provide teachers with guidance on successful implementation of the key instructional shifts called for in the new standards. These short, video-based modules support teachers in understanding, planning, and teaching rigorous, standards-based mathematics.

Guided Collaborative Tasks

Easy-to-administer digital tasks that guide pairs of students through 20-minute self-guided, collaborative math experiences, freeing teacher time, address the missing modality of classroom collaboration, and support students in building conceptual understanding and engaging in productive struggle.

Close Reading Library

Over 50 Close Reading lessons for grades 2-12 anchored on complex texts. Each five-day lesson includes text-dependent questions, handouts, guiding questions, and direct-instruction videos.

ELA Instructional Videos

400 skill-focused videos support grades 2-12 in key literacy topics, including foundational reading, grammar, and mechanics. These videos can be used for whole class, small group, and individual instruction.

Write Along Videos

Over 150 short, flexible videos for grades 3-8 that can be used to both address writing issues in whole class, small group, and individual formats. These videos require students to interact with and practice key writing skills, allowing teachers to monitor and support progress.

ELA Guidebooks 2.0 Units and Lesson Plans

Over 2000 lessons for grades 3-12 that include everything teachers need to facilitate powerful whole-class reading and writing instruction, organized into thoughtfully sequenced units that explore sets of engaging texts and including three types of assessment for each unit.

Guidebooks 2.0 Cold Read Tasks

Digital Guidebooks 2.0 Cold Read Tasks assess student comprehension of unfamiliar texts through technology-enhanced items and open-ended response items that require students to use textual evidence to support their thinking. Based on student performance, recommendations for individual, small-group, and whole-class instruction are provided.

Literacy Online Quizzes

Over 250 Literacy Online Quizzes for grades 2-12 that teachers can easily assign to assess their students’ reading comprehension, language, and reading foundation skills. Quizzes feature a mixture of technology-enhanced and open-ended constructed response items that require students to use evidence from the text to support their analysis and conclusions.

ELA Guidebooks 2.0 Online PD Modules

Provide teachers with professional development and implementation guidance in using the ELA Guidebooks 2.0 Units. These short, video-based modules support teachers in understanding, planning, and teaching Guidebook 2.0 lessons and materials.

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