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LearnZillion’s comprehensive core curricula provide educators with the teaching instruction, analytics, and strategic support to engage students in rich content and support learning at home. logo

As green as EdReports gets

EdReports, an independent, non-profit reviewer, increases the capacity of teachers, administrators, and leaders to seek, identify, and demand the highest quality instructional materials. Their reviews of instructional materials and support of smart adoption processes equip teachers with excellent materials nationwide. Where reviewed, LearnZillion’s materials have received "all green" scores from EdReports.

EL Education K–8 Language Arts

EL Education was founded on the belief that schools can help students become effective learners and ethical people, and engages teachers and students through authentic content and material by diverse authors.

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  • Research-informed, core language arts program
  • Built for equity: Supports the needs of ELLs, economically disadvantaged students, students with disabilities, and advanced learners
  • Engaging, complex texts and compelling, real-world content
  • Students engage in original research and deep, interdisciplinary investigations
  • Social-emotional learning connects students to their communities
  • Based on college and career readiness standards
  • Differentiated and inclusive activities
  • Earned all green scores from EdReports

3–8 Language Arts

Built by teachers, for teachers, our Guidebooks Language Arts Curriculum empowers strategic instruction using the texts students love.

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  • Rated Tier 1 via the Instructional Materials Evaluation Review for Alignment in ELA Grades K–12 by the LDOE
  • Scored all green on EdReports
  • A backwards-design language arts program that promotes a love of deep reading and skilled writing
  • Built around authentic, engaging texts and topics at the core of the curriculum
  • Supports students in reading, writing, and expressing an understanding of complex, grade-level texts
  • Embedded supports for diverse learners

K–5, 6–8, and Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2

A comprehensive, flexible solution with easy-to-use lesson cards and built-in differentiation. Through inclusive instructional routines, students develop the skills to successfully learn math for life.

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  • Both 6–8 and Alg 1, Geo, Alg 2 received all green scores from EdReports
  • Curriculum designed by noted mathematician and standards author, William McCallum
  • Includes digital interactives powered by Geogebra and Desmos
  • Builds confidence and growth mindset through productive struggle
  • Classroom- and distance learning-ready, with comprehensive teaching support
  • Includes tools for active instruction, effective differentiation, and assessments that empower students
  • Instructional routines promote collaborative discourse
  • A 2020 Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence winner

LearnZillion Science 6–8

Empowers students to experience rigorous and engaging science learning and inquiry science investigations while collaborating with peers on engineering and design-build processes.

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  • Built for Next Generation Science Standards in either integrated or earth/life/physical science configurations
  • Powerful hands-on inquiry and engineering experiences engage students
  • Tech-forward with engaging text, activities, and collaborative projects.
  • Supports expository reading skills, claim evidence reasoning writing, and mathematical skills.
  • Offers flexibility with customization of the program for a district, school, or classroom
  • Options available for distance learning
  • Equipment kits drive hands-on inquiries

Effective alignment

Choosing LearnZillion means you stay pedagogically-aligned with the curriculum: We work closely with our partners to offer the best, most up-to-date versions, as well as professional development and customer success programs that keep educators close to the heart of the material. As an evidence-based program with an effective logic model, LearnZillion also conforms to the Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA).

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Embedded resources for Distance Learning

The LearnZillion platform offers features and functionality that align with distance learning best practices. Teachers can:

  • Adapt and personalize lessons
  • Use presentation view to see your notes while showing only the lesson to students
  • Adapt or assign lessons for whole class, small group, and individual instruction

Students can use a variety of methods to show and submit work during asynchronous learning time – including audio, photos, and more.

LearnZillion curricula come with built-in supports on our teacher-friendly platform, reducing prep time and supporting teacher instruction.

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