LearnZillion presents Math K‑5 Companion Curriculum: A blend of conceptual, fluency, and application lessons that anchor and complement your math program. Districts use LearnZillion’s K‑5 Companion Curriculum to build their own standards-based curriculum. It can also integrate standards-based lessons into existing curriculum.

Full lesson plan

Discussion and problem-solving

LearnZillion’s task-based lessons help students develop a conceptual understanding of the mathematics. Our easy-to-use slides and teaching notes empower teachers to shift math classes from answer-getting time to discussion-and-problem-solving time.

Support for differentiation

We empower teachers to provide differentiated learning with instructional videos and practice activities. Our digitized formative assessments and practice items allow teachers to access auto-scored formative feedback on student mastery. At the same time, students can get more practice with tech-enabled questions. Having LearnZillion in their toolkit makes it easy for teachers to support students who need more assistance, time, or challenges.

District Customization

Districts can customize LearnZillion’s companion curriculum to anchor and complement their math program. We partner with schools to supplement their district’s content with LearnZillion Math K‑5 Companion Curriculum, producing high-quality curriculum that continuously meets their students’ unique needs.

Professional development

We work closely with districts to support the effective implementation of the LearnZillion Math K‑5 Companion Curriculum. Our year-long engagement offers teachers, leaders, and coaches on-site, virtual, and on-demand support.

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