Lesson plan

Discover that exponential functions are invertible by showing that they are one-to-one

teaches Common Core State Standards CCSS.Math.Content.HSF-BF.B.5 http://corestandards.org/Math/Content/HSF/BF/B/5

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Big Ideas: Exponential functions are strictly increasing if the base is greater than 1. Exponential functions are one-to-one, and map elements of the domain to unique elements of the range. Exponential functions are invertible. In this task students show that exponential functions are one-to-one by first showing that exponential functions (with a growth factor greater than 1) are strictly increasing. Establishing that exponential functions are one-to-one is a key step towards showing that exponential functions are invertible. In future lessons, the logarithm is introduced as the inverse of the exponent. Vocabulary: exponential function, one-to-one