Lesson plan

Discover the properties of centroids through constructions and reasoning

teaches Common Core State Standards CCSS.Math.Content.HSG-CO.C.10 http://corestandards.org/Math/Content/HSG/CO/C/10
teaches Common Core State Standards CCSS.Math.Content.HSG-MG.A.1 http://corestandards.org/Math/Content/HSG/MG/A/1
teaches Common Core State Standards CCSS.Math.Practice.MP3 http://corestandards.org/Math/Practice/MP3
teaches Common Core State Standards CCSS.Math.Practice.MP5 http://corestandards.org/Math/Practice/MP5
teaches Common Core State Standards CCSS.Math.Practice.MP8 http://corestandards.org/Math/Practice/MP8

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Big Ideas: Students are able to construct the centroid of a triangle and explain how. Students are able to find lengths along a median and the centroid of the triangle. This lesson is the third lesson on centers of a triangle. It should be taught after both the circumcenter and incenter have been taught. Students will learn how to construct a median, construct a centroid, find the center of mass of a triangle, and find missing lengths along a median when given certain information. The lesson will conclude with a formative assessment asking them to construct a Euler Line. Students will eventually use this material when learning about circles. Vocabulary: midpoint, median, centroid, point of concurrency, perpendicular bisector Special Materials: Pencil Paper Compass Straightedge