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Lesson plan

Grade 12 - 5 - DC Elects a Mayor: Walter Washington

teaches Common Core State Standards SL.11-12.2 http://corestandards.org/ELA-Literacy/SL/11-12/2
teaches Common Core State Standards W.11-12.9 http://corestandards.org/ELA-Literacy/W/11-12/9

Grade 12 - 5 - DC Elects a Mayor: Walter Washington

In this lesson, students will continue to apply historical thinking skills to the DCPL Oral History collection.  

Students . . .

  • review nonviolent protest.
  • explore Walter Washington's involvement in D.C. public service.
  • analyze an audio recording of Walter Washington from the Milepost to Self-Government Oral History Project.
  • evaluate Walter Washington's decisions during 1968 protests.

How to use this lesson:

There are two use cases for the Ready for More modules. 1) Delivered whole class by the teacher or 2) student-managed independently or in small groups. If students are working independently, ensure students orient themselves with the directions on the first card of the lesson.

DC Content Power Standards:  

  • 12.DC.17: Students identify key people who were civic and political leaders in Washington, D.C. during the second half of the 20th century.

C3 Framework Indicators and Common Core Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies:

  • D1.4.9-12. Explain how supporting questions contribute to an inquiry and how, through engaging source work, new compelling and supporting questions emerge.