Geo.1.11 Practice problems

teaches Common Core State Standards HSG-CO.A.2
teaches Common Core State Standards HSG-CO.A.4

Geo.1.11 Practice problems

This is the digital version of practice problems for Geometry, Unit 1, Lesson 11. 

  • This set includes a few problems targeting the skills in this lesson along with a mix of topics from previous lessons. Distributed practice (revisiting the same content over time) is more effective than massed practice (a large amount of practice on one topic, but all at once).
  • Teachers may decide to assign the practice problems for homework or for extra practice in class.
  • Teachers may also decide to provide students with answers ahead of time for self-assessment.
  • It is also up to teachers whether to assign the entire set or to choose a subset to assign (including assigning none at all). 
  • Note that many of the items in this set will be automatically scored, others may require review. 






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