Lesson plan

Labs: Launch Stage - Create

teaches Common Core State Standards SL.2.6 http://corestandards.org/ELA-Literacy/SL/2/6
teaches Common Core State Standards SL.2.1 http://corestandards.org/ELA-Literacy/SL/2/1

Labs: Launch Stage - Create

Learning target: 

  • I can draw a self-portrait.

  • I can identify the features of a face, including the number of each feature.


  • Students identify the various features that make a face.

  • Students become familiar with the different numbers of features of their own face.

In advance:


  • Review the Labs song.
  • Post: Focus question (optional).

Setting Goals 

  • Post: Guiding question and learning target(s) for the Lab students will be launching that day (see detailed plans for each Lab on the pages that follow).

In the Lab

  • Prepare four workstations by placing pencils, paper, and mirrors at each workstation for students to draw their faces.

  • Consider:

    • Labeling each workstation (with a name or number) to assist students in transitioning.
    • How to store students’ projects, since some students may continue to work on the same project for several days or weeks.
  • Determine the signal (bell, word, silent signal) you will use throughout Labs to let students know when it is time to clean up their station.

Reflect on Learning

  • Post: Sentence frames or picture clues for any reflection questions you will use regularly (optional).



  • Labs song (one to display)

  • Text for Storytime (chosen by teacher)

Setting Goals

  • Labs notebook (new; one per student and one for teacher modeling)

  • Pencils (one per student)

  • Learning target(s) (one to display for each Lab; see Launch Stage: At-a-Glance for the specific targets for each Lab)

In this Lab

  • What Makes a Face? anchor chart (new; co-created with students)

  • Mirror (one per student and one for teacher modeling)

  • Chart paper (one piece; used by the teacher to create a model drawing)

  • Paper (blank; one piece per student)

  • Pencils (one per student or a cup of pencils per workstation)

Reflecting on Learning

  • Labs song (one to display)

  • Labs notebook (one for teacher modeling and one per student)