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Lesson plan

Lesson 14 - Module Celebration: Sharing Work Products

teaches Common Core State Standards RF.3.4 http://corestandards.org/ELA-Literacy/RF/3/4
teaches Common Core State Standards SL.3.5 http://corestandards.org/ELA-Literacy/SL/3/5

Lesson 14 - Module Celebration: Sharing Work Products

To learn more about this lesson, read the Lesson 14 Narrative found under the Additional Materials tab.

Daily Learning Targets

  • I can describe the criteria and process I followed to create my work products. 
  • I can use my reading contract and reading strategies bookmark to describe the reading challenges I face and strategies I will use to overcome those challenges. 

Purpose of Lesson

  • This lesson is a celebration of the work completed in this module. Students share their reading contracts, reading strategies bookmarks, and audiobooks with a wider audience that could include families, teachers, and other classes in the school. How this is organized will depend on the method you chose for recording and the technology you have available. Options include listening stations with a copy of the books being read or whole group listening.

In Advance

  • Invite family members and school members (teachers, principal, other classes, etc.) to take part in the module celebration.
  • Prepare technology necessary to play students’ audiobooks.
  • Review the Thumb-O-Meter protocol. 
  • Post: Learning targets, Fluent Readers Do These Things Anchor Chart, Reading Contract Anchor Chart, and Performance Task Anchor Chart.

 Digital Materials Preparation

  • Prepare to display or assign the lesson to students before class.
  • For digital assignments, ensure that students have access to a digital device.
  • Be sure students have access to the Unit 3 Digital Vocabulary Log.
  • Be sure students have access to the Unit 3 Digital Independent Reading Journal in order to complete the homework assignment.


  • Lesson-specific: process


  • Vocabulary logs (from Unit 1, Lesson 5; one per student)
  • Fluent Readers Do These Things Anchor Chart (Example, for Teacher Reference) (begun in Lesson 3)
  • Reading Contract Anchor Chart (For Teacher Reference) (begun in Lesson 6)
  • Performance Task Anchor Chart (begun in Unit 1, Lesson 1)
  • Reading strategies bookmark (from Lesson 13; one per student)
  • Grade 3: Module 1: End of Unit 3 Assessment (For Teacher Reference) (from Lesson 3; one per student)
  • Reading contracts (from Lesson 12; one per student)











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