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Lesson Plan

3. Write inequalities in context (A)

teaches Common Core State Standards CCSS.Math.Content.7.EE.B.4b
teaches Common Core State Standards CCSS.Math.Practice.MP4
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Lesson objective: Apply skills of writing inequalities to compare the inequalities resulting from different written verbal descriptions.

This lesson provides an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and understanding of writing inequalities to a mathematical situation. Students are asked to compare two statements that can be translated into algebraic inequalities.

Key Concept students will use: 

  • An expression can be less than, greater than, or equal to another.

Skills students will use:

  • Writing equations and inequalities (Grade 6, Unit 9).

Students engage in Mathematical Practice 4 (Model with mathematics) as they compare and contrast inequalities written to model a situation.

Key vocabulary: 

  • expression
  • inequality
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