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What makes a math task right for me and my students? Selecting math tasks that meet students’ needs

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There are so many worthwhile math tasks available that there isn’t enough time in a math unit to use them all. This module will equip you with the tools and strategies you need to decide what task is best suited for your learning goals and when in a math unit to use the task. In this session, you will: Learn about places where you can find high quality math tasks Learn when in a unit to teach with a math task Learn the questions to ask that will help you select the right task for you and your students Practice selecting a task for your class and provide feedback to group members on their task selection Make a plan for when you’ll try out your selected task in your classroom. Special Materials: You need: - Your teaching calendar/plan book - A copy of the documents "Sources for Math Tasks" and "Considerations for Selecting Worthwhile Instructional Tasks"
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