Lesson plan

2M2 C11 L51 Vowel Slides: "oo," "ou," "ui," "ue," "ew" (all phases)

2M2 C11 L51 Vowel Slides: "oo," "ou," "ui," "ue," "ew" (all phases)

Vowel Slides

Teacher Preparation:

  • Teacher assigns or prepares to display the activity.


  1. Teacher models the activity by "reading" a picture card. Teacher drags the card to the appropriate vowel team.
  2. Students begin by choosing a picture and “reading it,” and then deciding in which vowel team to place it under. Teacher observes and helps students as needed.
  3. Students can type words in alphabetical order going "down the slide" in the ABC Order tab.

Images include: boot, hoop, spoon, cougar, coupon, soup, juice, bruise, swimsuit, glue, blue, rescue, screw, dew, threw

Additional notes:

  • Slide, Boot, Hoop, Spoon, Cougar, Coupon, Soup, Juice, Bruise, Swimsuit, Glue, Blue, Rescue, Screw, Dew, Threw