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Lesson plan

KM2 C5 L30 Rhyme Sort (all phases)

KM2 C5 L30 Rhyme Sort (all phases)

Rhyme Sort

Teacher Preparation:

  • Teacher assigns or prepares to display the activity.


  1. Teacher models the activity by "reading" a picture card. Teacher drags the card to the appropriate column.
  2. Students begin by choosing a picture and “reading it,” and then drag it to the correct column. Teacher observes and helps students as needed.
  3. Repeat as time allows.

Images include: bee, tree, key, tea, fan, can, pan, van, nap, cap, map, wrap, pig, dig, fig, wig

Additional Information:

  • Bee, Tree, Key, Tea, Fan, Can, Pan, Van, Nap, Cap, Map, Wrap, Pig, Dig, Fig, Wig