Lesson plan

KM2 C7 L40 Color-Coded Rhymes

KM2 C7 L40 Color-Coded Rhymes

Color-Coded Rhymes

Teacher Preparation:

  • Teacher assigns or prepares to display the activity.


  1. Teacher begins by pointing to each picture and naming it, asking students to repeat after each picture.
  2. Teacher explains the directions: “I am going to say a word. I want you to find all the pictures that rhyme with that word. For example, if I say ‘park’ you will find pictures like ‘dark and ‘bark’ because they rhyme with ‘park.’”
  3. Teacher continues: “I will also name a color. You will choose that color and circle all the words that rhyme with ‘park’ in that same color.” (teacher models on her own display)
  4. Now we will begin.
  5. Rhyming words (teacher can choose a color for each based on what is available to the students): cot, fun, wish, rock, ring.

Images include: spot, hot, sun, bun (cinnamon), dark (cave), bark, fish, dish, dock, flock, swing, king

  • Spot, Hot, Bun, Bark, Fish, Dish, Dock, Flock, Swing, King