1M1 C2 L11 Baking and Making Words (Pre-Alphabetic)

1M1 C2 L11 Baking and Making Words (Pre-Alphabetic)

Baking & Making Words

Teacher Preparation:

  • Teacher assigns or prepares to display the activity.


  1. Teacher models the activity by choosing a CVC word (e.g., “cat”, “pan”, etc.) and building it by dragging and dropping letters.
  2. Teacher encourages students to say some CVC words they would like to make.
  3. Students drag and drop the letters to make CVC words in their "oven."
  4. Students create a series of words and then read them aloud before they “Bake” them, “eat” them and then make a new set of words.


  • Students can copy the words given to them on cards by the teacher.
  • Teacher can provide students with a rime such as “at”, “ap”, "am," "ag" or “an.” Students can add different onsets (beginning consonants) to the beginning of the rime to create several new words.


  • Students can write the words after they “bake” them on included tab.
  • Students can make new words by just changing the first letter.