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Lesson Plan

Lesson 44: Editing and publishing a trickster tale

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Students continue the writing process to write a trickster tale that includes different aspects of the Louisiana culture and geography.

Additional Materials:

  • Lapin Plays Possum Text Access Document

  • Cajun assessment overview document

  • Extension task student directions

  • Extension task rubric

  • Extension task student exemplar

  • Elements of a folktale anchor chart from lesson 3

  • Trickster tale writing checklist

  • Trickster tale story elements and sequence of events chart - blank

  • Trickster tale story elements and sequence of events chart - teacher reference

  • Revised first draft

  • Notebook paper

Additional Notes:

  • There are two versions of the extension task directions available. The first version (page 1) is similar to what students might encounter on an assessment. The second version (page 2) provides scaffolding for students who may need additional support. Teachers should select the version to use.

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