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Lesson 18: Continue to gather relevant research and writing about research findings

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Students continue to gather research about their selected disease, write a reflection about their research, and publish their reflection on a district-approved mode, such as a blog, wiki, or e-mail.

Additional Notes

  • If you are using software or other Web 2.0 tools  that requires students access, you should make a task card or set of directions on how to access that technology.

  • Preparations, such as assigning student aliases or creating blogs, discussion boards, or wikis in district-approved software should be done in advance of this lesson.

  • Remember to comply with all laws regarding student information. Please refer to district guidelines on approved Web 2.0 tools for collaboration and presentations. Alternately, you may choose for students to use word processing software to report their findings and tools that are not web-based to create presentations.

  • Students will need access to any digital databases or websites to research. Students, who are not allowed to use the Internet at school, should be provided with print resources for research.