Lesson plan

Lesson 5: Write a research proposal and generate research questions

Lesson 5: Write a research proposal and generate research questions

Students decode the extension task to determine what is required, write a research proposal, and generate questions to guide their research.

Additional Notes:

  • Before the lesson, generate a list of disease for students to research. Choose enough so that students can be grouped within the class for discussion on their project. For instance, for a class of 30 students choose 10 diseases to form groups of three students researching the same disease. Possible diseases include measles, polio, yellow fever, cancer, cholera, malaria, influenza, smallpox, tuberculosis, bubonic plague, hemophilia, or leprosy. Post the signs with the names of possible diseases around the room. Students will gather in these areas to break into groups later in the lesson.

  • The extension task requires students to report their findings using technology. Select a district-approved method for students to use. Some possible examples are blogs within Blackboard or Moodle, a wiki, or e-mails to the teachers. If none of this options are feasible because of technology resources, teachers may ask students to write letters and provide time in class for students to share their findings with those in their group.

  • Be aware of any state laws in regards to student privacy when using tools outside of district-approved software. In Louisiana,no identifying information should be provided to any Internet sites, e.g. names or ID numbers.

  • Consider teaming with the biology teacher to create some cross-curricular activities for this project.

  • Work with the media specialists/librarians at your school to help students locate reliable primary and secondary sources.  

  • Students will need Internet access for this lesson.