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Lesson 16: Comparing Literary and Informational Texts

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Students compare excerpts from an informational text, Fast Food Nation, with a similar subject matter to “Chapter 14” of The Jungle.

Additional Materials:

  • Rhetoric Text Access Document

  • Annotated Text Exemplar of “Chapter 14” of The Jungle

  • Quotations from Fast Food Nation (for individual learning stations)

  • T Chart (blank)

  • T Chart (completed)

  • Unit GO (blank)

  • Unit GO (partially completed)

  • Each student’s annotated copy of the text (from Lesson 15)

  • Timer

  • Station Labels

  • Post-it or index card for each student

Additional Notes:

  • Prior to the lesson, set the classroom up in four stations. At the stations, place the quotations from Fast Food Nation according to how they are structured on the t chart handout ( station 1: quotation 1, station 2: quotations 2 and 3, etc.). For larger classes, set up two sets of stations or consider adding a fifth station for students to complete the homework task: completing the ethos and pathos entry on their unit graphic organizer (scribed into their reading response journal in Lesson 4) for “Chapter 14.”