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Lesson 12: Gathering Information from Multiple Sources for the Extension Task

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Students continue to work towards completing the extension task by gathering information from the sources identified in Lesson 6.

Additional Materials:

  • Rhetoric Text Access Document

  • Source Tracker Part B (blank)

  • Source Track Part B (completed)

  • Digital access point ( library, computer lab, mobile laptop cart, etc.) for each student

    • Access to the sources students identified in Lesson 6

  • Completed Source Tracker (Part A) for each student (collected in Lesson 6 for grading)

  • Source Tracker (Part A) (completed)

  • Online citation generators such as EasyBib and Bib Me

Additional Notes:

  • Prior to this lesson, familiarize yourself with an online citation generator OR secure printed copies of  model bibliographic citation resources.

  • This lesson will need to take place in a library, computer lab, or one-to-one environment.

  • Prior to beginning this lesson, the teacher needs to make the following judgments:

    • Determine the minimum number of sources that must be used in the speech.

    • Determine the standard citation format students should use ( MLA, APA, etc.)

  • Consider co-teaching this lesson with the library/media teacher or contacting him/her as a resource for a demonstration lesson on available online databases & citation engines in your school.