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Lesson 11: Analyzing Rhetorical Strategies in a Text through Discussion

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Students participate in a formal discussion of the rhetorical strategies in “Address to the Congress on Women’s Suffrage.”

Additional Materials:

  • Rhetoric Text Access Document

  • A copy of Questions Stems for each student

  • A copy of Discussion Tracker for each class section, filled out prior to the lesson

  • A copy of Conversation Stems for each student

  • Accountable Talk Strategy (Teacher Resource)

  • A copy of Student Discussion Tracker for each student

  • Chart paper (optional)

Additional Notes:

  • Prior to beginning this lesson, review the Accountable Talk Strategy handouts, located under the Additional Materials tab.

  • For the discussion, the room will need to arranged in two distinct circles ( one inner and one outer circle). Consider doing this before the lesson to save instructional time.