Lesson plan

Lesson 6: Identifying Sources for the Extension Task

Lesson 6: Identifying Sources for the Extension Task

Students begin to identify sources for their research on a selected topic and in preparation for completing the extension task (a speech and a multimedia presentation).

Additional Materials:

  • Rhetoric Text Access Document

  • Completed selecting a topic handout (returned after grading)

    • Selecting a Topic Handout (blank)

    • Selecting a Topic Exemplar (completed)

  • Completed narrowing the topic handout (homework from lesson 5)

    • Narrowing a Topic Handout (blank)

    • Narrowing a Topic Exemplar (completed)

  • Digital access point ( library, computer lab, mobile laptop cart, etc.) for each student

  • Source Tracker (part A) (blank)

  • Source Tracker (part A) (completed)

Additional Notes:

  • This lesson will need to take place in a library, computer lab, or one-to-one environment.

  • Prior to beginning this lesson, the teacher needs to make the following judgments:

    • Determine the minimum number of sources acceptable based on students’ access to technology, available time, and ability level.

    • Determine the composition of the sources (i.e. one book, one journal, one news article, etc.).