Lesson plan

Lesson 5: Generating a Research Question

Lesson 5: Generating a Research Question

In this lesson, students begin the extension task for the unit: a speech and multimedia presentation that puts forward a position on a self-selected topic. Students select and narrow their topic, creating a research question.

Additional Materials:

  • Rhetoric Text Access Document

  • An index card (or post-it) for each student

  • Selecting a Topic Handout (blank)

  • Selecting a Topic Exemplar (completed)

  • Topic Ideas Teacher Resource (one for each individual class taught)

  • Acceptable topics written on chart paper or the board

  • Print or digital encyclopedia access

  • Narrowing a Topic Handout (blank)

  • Narrowing a Topic Exemplar (completed)

Additional Notes:

  • Before beginning this lesson, preview the suggested topics on the teacher resource located under the Additional Materials Tab. Adjust the list to fit the variables that exist in the specific school, classroom, and community.