Lesson plan

Lesson 1: Summarizing an Informational Text

Lesson 1: Summarizing an Informational Text

Students read and summarize the first section of the anchor text “What is Rhetoric?” and set up their Reading Response Journal.

Additional Materials:

  • Rhetoric Text Access Document

  • A copy of “What is Rhetoric?” for each student

  • Annotated Exemplar of” What is Rhetoric?”

  • Yellow highlighters

  • Vocab Log

  • Vocab Log completed

  • Student Notebooks (for a Reading Response Journal to be used throughout the unit: may be a binder, spiral bound notebook, or composition notebook)

  • Access to dictionaries (digital or paper) for all vocabulary activities

Additional Notes:

  • The Reading Response Journal (RRJ) should be set up prior to beginning this lesson. Students will use this journal throughout the unit in order to reduce the number of handouts that need to be reproduced. When a handout is to be scribed into the RRJ, the teacher will print one copy and project it for the students to scribe/recreate in their RRJ.

  • Prior to beginning the unit, determine a workable method for students to keep track of each of their copies of the unit texts (i.e. class data folder). Students will need access to all of these texts for the culminating writing task in, beginning in Lesson 37.