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Lesson Plan

Lesson 32: Developing questions for research and assessing the credibility of sources

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Students create a question for research and begin locating sources using search terms. Students assess the credibility of the sources they locate.

Additional Notes:

  • Students need to be able to develop a research question, use search terms to locate sources, and assess the credibility of sources in order to effectively start conducting research. As a result, this lesson has time for direct instruction or review of all of those skills and then shorter blocks of work time for students. This structure was purposeful so that students would get all of the instruction and review they needed to be equipped to do the research. Students may or may not finish each task within the allotted work time; the research process may be more cyclical - students start with their question, locate a source, decide it’s not credible, go back to locating more sources, etc. over the course of three lessons.
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