2.1.B Checkpoint

2.1.B Checkpoint

This is the digital version of the Grade 2, Unit 1, Section B Checkpoint. Paper-based versions of this assessment are available in the Additional Materials tab. The problems in this checkpoint are intended to assess students’ understanding of the section learning goals. These can be assigned for extra practice or can be used to check student understanding before the end of the unit. 

How to use this digital checkpoint:

  • Assign this checkpoint to your students to complete on a device. 

  • When students have completed the checkpoint, close and grade the problems. Some items may need to be manually scored. 


  • The point values in this checkpoint are intended to reflect the focus of the section and depth of thinking required to respond.

  • Scoring guidance and point breakdown explanations are provided for each question or set of questions.

  • Point values and guidance are suggestions only and teachers should take into account their own grading policies and expectations when scoring assessments. 





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