Lesson plan

Read and write multi-digit numbers in numeric form, word form, and expanded form using place value concepts

teaches Common Core State Standards CCSS.Math.Content.4.NBT.A.2 http://corestandards.org/Math/Content/4/NBT/A/2
teaches Common Core State Standards CCSS.Math.Practice.MP1 http://corestandards.org/Math/Practice/MP1
teaches Common Core State Standards CCSS.Math.Practice.MP6 http://corestandards.org/Math/Practice/MP6
teaches Common Core State Standards CCSS.Math.Practice.MP7 http://corestandards.org/Math/Practice/MP7

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Big Ideas: A number can be represented in numeric form, word form, and expanded form. Adding together the value of each digit in a number results in the value of the number. This lesson builds on students' previous work with place value concepts. In this task, students practice reading and writing numbers in numeric, word, and expanded forms. Students will hone their deductive reasoning skills as they use place value clues to identify mystery number. This task will give students the opportunity to make the connection of how the value of a number can be derived by composing and decomposing other numbers. This skill will build toward students' future work in comparing and rounding numbers, as well as operations. Vocabulary: numeric form of a number, word form of a number, expanded form of a number Special Materials: place value chart (optional) digit cards 0-9 (optional)