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Lesson Plan

Lesson 26: Determining context for Culminating Writing Task

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Students begin process of writing a multiparagraph essay in response to the prompt: Write a narrative about a character who experiences a hurricane firsthand. Students review their notes from this unit and determine which hurricane they would like to focus their responses around.


  • Briefly review the previous learning.

  • Then say: “Throughout this unit, we have built our understanding of hurricanes. We’ve  learned how history involves the sharing of memories and how the difference between firsthand and secondhand accounts is valuable. We’ve read literary and informational texts to learn about hurricanes and their impact on Louisiana as well as how historical accounts reflect the culture of Louisiana and give insight into historical events. We also learned about hurricanes that took place all over the world, and how they impacted the people who experienced them. Today we are going to express the understanding we’ve built across the unit by engaging in the writing process. We will express our  understanding of the impact of hurricanes on Louisiana by writing a first person narrative about an experience in a hurricane based on texts we have read. ”
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