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Lesson Plan

Day 3: "Ever Wondered How It Snows?"

teaches Common Core State Standards 110.14.13.B
teaches Common Core State Standards 3.RN.3.3
teaches Common Core State Standards 3.6.a
teaches Common Core State Standards CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.3.6
teaches Common Core State Standards LAFS.3.RI.2.6
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This lesson focuses on identifying the author's point of view within a certain section of the anchor text, "Ever Wondered How It Snows?" by Moira E. McLaughlin, from KidsPost. The day begins with a teacher read aloud of the given section of the text (paragraph #3). Students are then asked to engage in close rereading of this section as well. Students will complete a guided notes sheet to capture their thinking concerning the supporting questions from the lesson. After a whole group discussion about the point of view of the author presented in the selected section of the text, the focus question should be completed independently. Special Materials: 1) Copies of anchor text for each student 2) Copies of student guided notes sheet for each student
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