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Lesson Plan

Lesson 15: Central lesson and story elements

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Students discuss the central lesson of the story “Lapin Plays Possum” then identify key details that convey the lesson. Students also complete the Story Elements graphic organizer to further understand the characteristics of a folktale.

Additional Materials:

  • Lapin Plays Possum Text Access Document

  • Lapin Plays Possum SWBST chart - blank

  • Lapin Plays Possum SWBST chart - completed

  • Story elements comparison chart - blank

  • Story elements comparison chart - completed

  • Conversation Stems

  • Louisiana Learning Logs

  • Use sticky notes to mark the following quotes in the text for use later in the lesson:

    • “‘We’d share the crop fair and square - I’d get the top of the plant, and you’d get all the rest.’”

    • “‘Soon as you collect your vines I’ll get to digging my sweet potatoes.’”

    • “‘I’ll rent you this field, but this time, you take the tops, and I get the rest.’”

    • “‘I done harvested the grain heads off my rice crop. Now you can haul off your rice straw and your roots.’”

    • “‘you can rent my field if you give me both the tops and the bottoms.’”

    • “‘We just finished picking all that good-for-nothing corn off the middles of the plants. I left you just what you wanted - some nice fat tassels and some big strong roots.’”
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