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Lesson Plan

Lesson 7: Central Lesson and Story Elements

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Students determine the central lesson of “Bouki Over a Barrel” and explain how key details convey the lesson. Students also complete the story elements chart, identifying the character, setting, main events, conflict and central lesson.

Additional Materials:

  • Lapin Plays Possum Text Access Document

  • Story Elements Comparison Chart (blank) - blank

  • Story Elements Comparison Chart (completed) - completed

  • ConversationStems

  • Louisiana Learning Logs

  • Tricky Vocabulary Chart (completed)

  • Use sticky notes to mark the following quotes in the text for use later in the lesson:

    • “Lapin’s ears pricked up as he followed Bouki’s line of thinking.”

    • “Now Lapin couldn’t resist playing tricks on Bouki any more than he could turn down a piece of King Cake on Mardi Gras.”

    • “So Lapin dropped his sack and hightailed it out of the field. But he didn’t go to any baptism. No, he circled around and headed straight for the bayou and that barrel of butter.”
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