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Lesson Plan

Lesson 5: Signal words to describe events

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Students identify the sequence of events in the story “Bouki Over a Barrel” by using signal words to describe the relationship between the events and the order of events. Students also identify tricky vocabulary words in the story.

Additional Materials:

  • Lapin Plays Possum Text Access Document

  • Pre-labeled index with 6 different events from the story.

    • Against his better judgment, Bouki asks Lapin to help him pick cotton.

    • Lapin tricks Bouki into giving him half of the cotton from the field.

    • Lapin goes to the store and buys a barrel of rum cake and a barrel of butter to share with Bouki.

    • Lapin pretends to be needed at home for baptisms but instead he eats the cake and butter.

    • Lapin convinces Bouki that he ate the cake and butter and fell asleep.

    • Bouki learns he was tricked by Lapin and she should not have asked for his help in the first place.

  • Tricky Vocabulary chart (completed)

  • Tricky Vocabulary chart (blank)

  • Tricky Vocabulary chart on chart paper

  • Louisiana Learning Logs
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