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Lesson Plan

Interpret the meaning of the parameters and output of an exponential function by connecting them to the modeling context

teaches Common Core State Standards A.9B
teaches Common Core State Standards AI.QE.2
teaches Common Core State Standards AII.EL.7
teaches Common Core State Standards MAFS.912.F-LE.2.5
teaches Common Core State Standards CCSS.Math.Content.HSF-LE.B.5
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Big Idea: In mathematical models, key features of functions and graphs can be interpreted in terms of the context. This task builds on students' skill with writing a function rule for an exponential relationship and identifying the key features of a graph. The purpose of this task is to help students interpret those key features and parameters of a function to the context. For example, what does the y - intercept or the value of f(x) for a particular x mean in terms of the context of the problem? In this task, students will help a fictional student with a class project as she determines explicit formulas and graphs from a context and then gives meaning to the key features of the functions and graphs in terms of the context. Skills that students gain in this task build toward students' future work will modeling functions to data given real-world contexts. Vocabulary: explicit formula, Y-intercept, exponential relationship, constant multiplier, parameters Special Materials: Scientific Calculator
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